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Monday, November 27, 2006

China goes solar

Well, they're into coal and nuclear and massive scale hydro plants - why not get in on one of the world's biggest solar power station?

According to the WBCSD, China is slated to build a 100 megawatt solar facility (trumped only by an Australian project of 154 megawatts.) The project, which will be completed in five years, is touted to reduce GHG emissions by 400,000 a year.

While the article doesn't mention it, I'm a bit skeptical that this will make any significant contribution to overall energy production within the country, and I doubt that the reduction of GHG emissions claimed by this project will offset the GHG emissions that will increase due to the projected number of new traditional coal fired plants.

But hey - a large solar facility certainly is visible, and will hopefully spur additional investments in alternative energy projects in the emerging nation.


  • Hi Amy. I agree with your closing statement - some solar is better than no solar. While it's true they're building enormous coal projects within China, and this solar facility may be a relative drop in the bucket, there are quite
    a few
    drops going into the bucket at the moment. The more the merrier!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13:08  

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