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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Starbucks takes milk hormone free

Although the retail coffee giant was holding off announcing the big news until all of its stores were completely hormone free - according to an article in the Seattle PI yesterday, Starbucks has stopped using milk which contains rBGH in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Montana, Northern California and New England (whatever New England means.)

I'd say this is pretty good news, even though the article mentions the company will likely pass the cost onto the consumer by raising prices (there isn't a press release on about the switch) I can't see that an extra couple of cents will break the bank for customers already paying $4 and some change for their frothy beverages.

Now, if they'd only make the switch to all fairtraded coffee....


  • I find it ironic that a website thats called it's the enviroment,stupid is happy about the rbst bans. First of all Rbst has a 14 year track record of being compleatly safe, even though you've heard all kinds of fake claims by all kinds of so called or made up veterinary or medical assosiations. Lets take away all the rbst and whats going to happen, all the milk it helped produce is going to be made by more cows and alot of them, so theres more manure,more fuel,more electricity,less acres for bio fuel,ect doesnt sound enviro freindly to me . You cant stand on your head and tell every one else there upsidedown, you need to realize your upsidedown.

    By Blogger Dale, at 12:22  

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