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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Greenland - the New Frontier

The NY Times reported yesterday on new cartography efforts for Greenland.

As the glaciers melt modern day explorers are staking claims on new land discoveries. What was once under ice is now exposed creating an "I saw it first and so I get to name it after me!" competition in the region.

One explorer quoted in the article does admit that this change carries a downside with it, “There is a dark side to this,” he said about the new island. “We felt the exhilaration of discovery. We were exploring something new. But of course, there was also something scary about what we did there. We were looking in the face of these changes, and all of us were thinking of the dire consequences.” Yeah - if all goes well, their claim to fame will be submerged - but at least the cartographers will still be in business.

Greenland sidenote: Grists' David Roberts says that Greenland is just overreacting to this whole global warming thing.


  • I guess in some sense what can be wholly negative for some people opens up possibilities for others.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07:53  

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