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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Aussies turn to sewers for drinking water

There's nothing like a little resource scarcity to spur innovation.

The AP reports that due to droughts and lack of rainfall in the downunder state of Queensland, officials are entertaining the idea of recycling sewer water into *poof* drinking water.

And who said lack of clean drinking water was relegated to the "developing" world?

Anyone up for a little adapting to our changing conditions yet?

For more on the Australian water situation (and the talk of importing water) check out David Jeffery's Oikos.

Because I like the whole adapt topic:
Beyond emission reductions
Climate Change - Mitigate or Adapt
Europe Wilting
Global Warming Preparedness Act


  • um, well, hmmm, why don't they just stop putting clean drinking water into there toilets and use composting toilets instead. that might be wiser.

    why do i feel like a teenager shouting "duuuuuh" to some obvious answer to a stupid question.,

    By Blogger Unknown, at 19:33  

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