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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Al Gore reportedly "Thrilled"

And who wouldn't be really? The AP reports (via Yahoo) that Al Gore was quote-thrilled-unquote by his movie's nomination. His e-mail statement is also quoted as saying, "This film proves that movies really can make a difference." Awwww....

And in case you're not sure who Al Gore is (aside from the featured presentation giver in An Inconvenient Truth) the article also mentions that he's the guy who lost in the race for prez to GW in 2000.

Ecorazzi also picked up on the big nomination.

Update at 3:50p
Oh and so did Grist. And David Roberts over at Grist has suggested starting a betting pool...


  • Al Gore is not only a hypotcrit but a liar as well and a sore loser this idiot cant take losing or at least being unable to steal the 2000 elections why dont his wretched little snotieness go soak his head

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:19  

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