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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Al Gore movie gets Oscar nod

An Inconvenient Truth was among the nominees for best Documentary Feature for the Academy Awards (insert registered trademark logo here).

Personally, I don't necessarily feel that it deserves an Oscar. From a strictly filmmaking standpoint - I stand by my initial review - it is a movie version of Al Gore's slide show. Plain and simple. Sure you've got some feel good, Gore family history used as transitions to spice it up and lend a human element to the climate change issue, but it is a movie version of a power point presentation.

The power behind the nomination though is that Al Gore and the producers of this movie brought an important issue to light in the mainstream consciousness. Gore's presentation is a very good presentation and lays out the facts (hockey stick graph and all) in understandable terms. I mean how can you NOT get the big picture after seeing ice melt from underneath an animated polarbear.

An Inconvenient Truth opened the eyes of a lot of Americans and got people talking and thinking about the world around them. A brilliant piece of movie making this is not. Deserving of a little gold statuette? We'll see. But it is a powerful educational/awareness tool that I believe has made a real difference in bringing climate change to the national agenda.

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