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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Exxon Mobil - going after the green jacket

I'm sitting here watching the Masters and I can't get over the Exxon Mobil ads. As a courtesy to viewers (I guess) to minimize interruption of coverage, the golf tournament has a few key sponsors for the tv broadcast. So the only commercials shown during the final round are from AT&T, IBM, and Exxon Mobil.

Now, the last time I commented on an ExxonMobil ad (a print ad in the NY Times) I received a comment criticizing my skepticism. So, I will give ExxonMobil credit for a great ad campaign. By watching these ads it makes it look like the oil giant is making great strides. And I do commend their efforts with (leader going into hole 11) Phil Mickelson at pushing for renewed interest in science and math in the younger generation.

But I still remain skeptical of their campaign - why say you're working toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions when you're still in denial of climate change?
Check out this ad: Cute kids struggling on the driving range - "Kids. They'll tackle almost anything. An approach we could all learn from. So ExxonMobil has teamed up with Stanford University to find breakthrough technologies to deliver more energy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It's a challenge. But we're getting there."

Okay - good for them, they're spending tons on fuel efficiency research - but it'd be great to see all this PR backed up by a little more action, and less resistance towards reducing the climate change impact.

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  • The commercials are off subject, miserable, and too touchy-feely. Someone in obama administration had to make them.

    By Blogger Bassboat, at 16:40  

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