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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Environmental Action sounds off on censoring climate change

The latest from Environmental Action is calling on people to tell G.W.'s staff to stop censoring climate change. They're hoping to get 4000 of these sent, mine was around #365 - below is the sample letter they provided with my additions that I sent off...

Dear Administrator Griffin,
I am deeply disturbed by attempts to intimidate and censor NASA's climate scientists by theatening them with "dire consequences" if they talk publicly about their work. Do you really believe that NASA is the only organization with this information? Will you try to censor all of the world's scientists who are researching climate change indicators and monitor news from all media outlets globally? I urge you to bring an immediate end to this abuse of power.

Amy Stodghill

Okay - now you try - in three easy steps you too can tell Administrator Griffin what you think
1) click,
2) type your name in their pre-made e-mail, enter in additional information if you wish
3) click send e-mail, and you're done.

Quick, easy, painless and you've done your good deed for today.

See my previous postings about the censorship on climate change, and about Environmental Action's e-mailing efforts...


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