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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Green Power Partners

Browsing around, I stumbled across this article (the date says Jan 2005, but I think they mean 2006) about the EPA's List of Renewable Energy Users, so I went to check out the EPA list.

The US Air Force uses over one milllion MWh of green power - which is great - but renewables only account for 11% of their electricity usage. Whole Foods comes in second with just over 450,000 MWh of green power, but according to the EPA that accounts for 100% of their electricity usage. There are also a few others listed that meet that 100% including No.24, my very own alma mater, Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA (that's about 90 miles north of Seattle, just south of the Canadian border.)

This list includes the top 25 of the EPA's 607 "Green Power Partners", a voluntary partnership for companies and institutions that want to buy green power. The next list will come out in April.


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