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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rockies Get in the Solar Power Game

And by Rockies I mean the Colorado Rockies - not the mountain range, the baseball team.

I talked about the SF Giants putting solar panels up on their stadium - now the Rockies are getting into the game. Jeff McIntire-Strasburg over at TreeHugger featured the new Rockies solar array. Here's what he has to say:

While some will argue that such moves primarily power the teams' PR efforts, the educational benefits of such stadium additions could be profound. Baseball parks are a familiar, even friendly, environments for many Americans, and displaying solar power in such venues could make renewable technologies seem a bit less foreign to many fans. Play ball!


  • Some people don't believe to new ideas, but after some time they see that they were wrong. Many great scientists suffered because other people didn't believe them, but only people like them help to make a progress. And usage of solar power in our days also surprises some people, but many believe it's possible. And it's good idea to prove people effectiveness of solar power through a game.

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