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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Go Green for St. Paddy's Day

I'm surprised that there hasn't been more of a "be green on St. Patrick's day" push. Sure it's a little cheezy - but if you're wearing green may as well be green too. Right?

A quick Google search revealed a few items of note for those playing up the green theme:

ConEd sent out a press release that got picked up by (among other places) pushing their green power, or ConEd Solutions where customers can opt to pay a flat fee on their power bill and the utility company uses that money towards purchasing wind power and other alternatives.

Wal-Mart got a little plug on CNN Money (among a few other places) for customers to "truly go 'green'" with organic offereings from the retail giant.

The University of Nebraska gave the "go green" a nutritional spin asking students to eat more green (and thus healthy) on the 17th (and I don't think green beer counts.)

Verizon Wireless program Hopeline asked for unwanted cell phone donations in a "go green" effort - the phones will be reactivated and put to use in needy communities or recycled responsibly.

And well, then I'm down to about the 5th page in the Google search... maybe next year the enviro-green link will get more play on the Irish (American) holiday.


  • Oh, man - what a great idea! Well, it's too late for this year, but I think this is something green advocates definitely should have some fun with next year.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14:49  

  • St.Patrick's days is just another excuse to get drunk and don't work tomorrow. I feel very disapointed about this celebration.

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