It's the Environment, Stupid.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Let the climate change games begin

China has come out with an official response to the IPCC's report of last friday: We're not gonna do a damn thing about it.

Yep. They're sticking to the "poor us and our developing economy" thing, plus they're throwing in a little "well the US started it why don't they do something first." This is what I call progress.

And in the same NY Times article Brazil of all countries is hopping into the "don't tell us what to do" mix, saying big money countries should lay off on their advice about destroying the Amazon rain forests.

What if for a day - one day - we could put our nasty politics and power play aside and envision the world's countries all on one team. Take out the competition and figure out some real solutions, because in the end pointing fingers and stalling isn't doing any of us any good.


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