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Sunday, February 25, 2007


If you do any blogging - or even if you've got an e-mail account - you get spam. Blogging spam usually involves random press-releases regarding something topically related. They're always impersonal, and even show up in comments (many times.)

So I was thoroughly amused by Shea Gunther's post over at Green Options. "A Funny Way to End the Week - Adventures with a Spammy Consultant." Shea got one of those impersonal press-release things from Willi Paul pushing his green consultant business. He tells of how he intended to forward it to one of his colleagues (including the word "lame" in the response) but actually replied to the sender, Willi Paul. Seeing his error, Shea laughed, shrugged it off and hoped that Willi would be understanding. Willi wasn't amused and replied to Shea with a big ol' F-You (spelled out of course.)

This of course amused me, and I hope you'll also find it amusing. Share it with your friends.

Here's the link to Shea's full post.


  • Well, at least this Willi Paul is a real human being, albeit one with an agenda. I got my first enviro-spam the other day and it's clearly an automatically sent mass e-mail soliciting investments in this company, complete with a misleading header, "National energy tips."

    After talking about today's energy problems, the e-mail introduces Proton Exchange Membrane and closes by urging that the recipient invest in the company. Kinda creepy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13:09  

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