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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Greener Consumer Reports

I know a lot of stuff passes under my radar (and above it for that matter) but I somehow completely missed Consumer Reports environmental website, which was launhed on earthday of '05.

However, their virtual Electronics Waste Reuse and Recycling Center did recently open, offering tips on what to do with all those pesky, unwanted cell phones, computer monitors, and other e-bits and pieces you can't bring yourself to get rid of the old fashioned way.

Not only does the site give you tips on how to dispose of it, it also helps you determine if it is fixable (if your unwanted e-item is in fact broken, and not just out of fashion.) And as an added bonus you can download a 47 page e-waste survey released in March of 2006! (this is actually very interesting and gives a little insight on the 'why' e-waste is generated and 'how' people dispose of it.)

Some of my previous posts on e-waste


  • A whole lot get under and over my radar too. Thanks for these sites. Very helpful links.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07:18  

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  • I was excited to see that, too. If you check out the NC Office of EE Web site at we have an informed consumer section under resources that has resources like green consumer reports but I'm always looking for more!

    By Blogger EcoSmartConsumer, at 14:11  

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  • amazing how popular the color green is ;) seems like theres a post about anything or anyone going green.

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