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Friday, January 12, 2007

Al Gore movie banned from Seattle area school

Well not so much banned as restriced - most people think that Washington state is a blue state, but really it is more of a red tinged purple in a lot of areas.

A few creationist parents are criticising a Federal Way (an ex-urb south of Seattle) public school for showing the Al Gore movie. I of course laughed out loud when I saw the Seattle PI headline, and wanted to see what others in the green blogosphere thought of the ordeal.

I concur with Grist's David Roberts take on the story:
"I'm sure someone out there will object to this story as parading well-meaning, heartland-values-holding Americans before us for ridicule. But you know what? Screw that. America lives in terror of non-existent dirty hippies. Meanwhile, troglodytes are running the show from school boards all the way up to the presidency. They deserve a little time in the spotlight. It's long overdue."

I encourage you to read his whole post, it is amusing and he breaks down the PI story and the 'free speech' argument well.


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