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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Air Pollution kills...

According to an AFP article via Yahoo News air pollution in Iran's capital of Tehran killed 3,600 people in just one month (Oct 23 - Nov 23.) It is reported that, "deaths were caused by heart attacks brought on by the air pollution and that the smog was responsible for 80 percent of the fatal heart problems that month..." The article also says that from March 2005 - March 2006 nearly 10,000 people died from air pollution related causes.

Acknowledging a link to air pollution in these deaths is telling of our times, however it does make me wonder if other polluted cities are making similar links and if these types of numbers world wide are, in fact, underestimated as the causal relationships between air pollution and related deaths might be difficult to prove, or just difficult for other local governments to accept.


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