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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thoughtful graffiti

I was up around 24th st and 7th Ave this afternoon and saw some graffiti I could not only read but could identify with.

This time of year I think even more about the over-consumption habits of Americans and try to avoid the gift-giving-just-because-it-is-expected frame of mind as much as possible. There are lots of great gifts out there that don't produce waste or contribute to pollution or climate change - and those are the best gifts to give and receive. Which isn't to say don't consume, but when you consume, consume responsibly.

3r Living's Mark Caserta has a few tips on green holiday giving today at the 3r blog.


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    By Blogger Barry, at 03:18  

  • It's not a very creative mark-up. I'm afraid something like this will just alienate anybody it should persuade.

    By Blogger Sir Lancealot, at 23:03  

  • I have a big wall in my house and use to draw some graffiti,I want to be a professional on this art.

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  • Love the message, "think more..consume less", if humanity behave with this in mind, our society would be in another level, more advance and caring about the planet.

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