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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Water problems - not just for poor countries

It is common to hear about water issues in lower income countries. Lack of adequate drinking water, poor water quality, shortages, droughts - all usually associated with "other" countries.

But as a recent World Wildlife Federation report points out, higher income countries aren't immune to these same water problems. Decreased water supply, politicial conflict, contamination and treatment issues are all pressing, very real concerns for many "rich" countries as well.

The report highlights some of the global obligations and ties that "developed" nations have with "developing" nations in regard to water. It also lays out the water issues faced by the U.S., Europe, Australia and makes suggestions on how these and other parts of the world can better use this ever increasingly precious resource/commodity.

Read the report here (PDF).
Via Environmental Finance
also WBCSD


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