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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rescued shampoo...

Earlier this month I commented on all the waste generated from the new security measures immediately implemented at airports, which caught many a traveller off guard. Tons and tons of usable goods were dumped at security checkpoints. I thought it would be great if we could get some of those goods to people who could use them, instead of it going to the landfill.

While I'm a little late on the uptake of this article, I just come across it today. The Seattle Times on Aug. 16 reports that folks in Eugene, OR did more than just talk about recovering usable items, they went dumpster diving to retrieve them. "Charley Harvey, assistant executive director of [St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County], dug through trash bags Tuesday and took every bottle of shampoo and shaving cream he could find. The items will be distributed at the organization's First Place Family Center." I'm glad to see some of that stuff was salvaged and put to good use.


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