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Friday, February 10, 2006

White House Budget affects power in WA

Ramifications of G.W.'s budget proposal are slated to hit the Northwest. According to the Seattle-Post Intelligencer article...

"That budget calls on the Bonneville Power Administration to redirect revenue from the sale of all surplus power in excess of $500 million to the U.S. Treasury rather than keeping it in the region as is currently done. Among other things, the money is used to improve the system and keep rates low"

I'm sure the U.S. Treasury will put that money to good use - despite what an analysis by the Northwest Power and Conservation Council says. They say this could, among other things, reduce personal income levels in the region, and result in some job loss (not to mention increase power rates). The White House reportedly dismisses the NPCC analysis (and why wouldn't they) saying "the change would allow the nation to attack the deficit and would benefit the BPA in the long run by allowing it to pay down its debt at a faster rate." That's interesting. Now why exactly should Bonneville Power and their customers foot the deficit? Maybe it would make more sense to not double defense spending?


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