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Friday, February 03, 2006

Ford finds alternative disposal for "grinding sludge"

Three cheers for the Waste Acceptance Criteria! According to the WBCSD, seems this policy measure forced Ford to develop an alternative method for disposing its "grinding sludge" because the hazardous concoction will no longer be accepted at landfills. So to avoid the high costs of hazardous waste disposal, Ford found a way to separate the oil, metal and other stuff in the sludge to make it safer for disposal, plus it sounds like they'll even try to figure out how to avoid putting the leftovers (what they call a puck) in landfills altogether.

Now, not only will they keep 1600 tons of the sludge out of landfills - they're saving tons of money too - nearly $1.76 million a year (now what will they do with all that extra cash?)


  • cool stuff man, check out mine:

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15:42  

  • they will more than likely, not, use those saving to hire back the tens of thousands of folks that they laid off. of course, all that cash could buy a smaller car company that's better at what they do than senor ford....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17:52  

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