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Friday, October 27, 2006

ConEd Solutions - Green Power

A few weeks ago I finally sent off the form to ask ConEd (power provider for NYC) to switch my apt to ConEd solutions. My roommate and I haven't yet received the 'new' bill reflecting this change (I don't even know if my roommate knew I had requested the change), but we just got a letter from the utility congratulating us on selecting ConEdison Solutions as our new energy services company.

According to the ConEd Solutions website, it appears this alternative power service is more a product of deregulation than of demand for green power - but green power is the main reason I made the switch. It's one of those small things you can do to live a little more eco-friendly.

Now this doesn't mean that ConEd can pipe separate electricity to just my apartment, but it means they are required to purchase a little more renewable power over all. And I'm not the only one who is helping the renewable energy cause - recently NYU became the largest purchaser of wind power of any university in the U.S. This makes them the largest wind purchaser in NYS, and 11th largest in the U.S. Now if only other NYC universities would follow suit....


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