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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Celebrity powers activate

I'm a huge fan of celebrity power pushing the green agenda forward - so naturally I was curious when I saw a headline touting Pierce Brosnan as a leader in protests against a proposed natural gas facility in California.

Brosnan and a slew of other celebs came together to raise awareness against the proposed facility off the Malibu coast. While the interest might stem in part from the NIMBY phenomenon (not-in-my-backyard), it is encouraging to see celebs coming together over something that doesn't have an animal or impoverished kid as the posterchild.

I would love to see the momentum continue on this - but I would also like to see some alternatives discussed - piping natural gas in to California would serve to supplement the anticipated increase in future energy requirements of the southeast US. So if it isn't natural gas, maybe it can be renewables, which also need a little celebrity love.



  • natural gas is a viable alternative short temr if ther eare no leaks. Natural gas emmissions as leakage (light the sotve, leaks in pipes etc) are twice as bad for the green house than Co2 however the burnt by product is about a quater as bad. So if the dont want this thing, then perhaps they can suggest ways to halve their Co2 output before they campaing against this. Or is a case of wanting their cake and screwing the environment while they bake it ?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14:23  

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