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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Al Gore e-mails me

I subscribe to A LOT of enviro related e-mail updates. I get around to reading about 1/3 of them, those with subject headings that strike me as interesting have a higher probability of getting read. One such e-mail was from Al Gore.

Of course Al Gore probably isn't e-mailing me personally, so I thought it might be from, whose e-mails are usually sent by Laurie David (who also doesn't personally e-mail me.) Upon opening the e-mail I see it is from (one of the things I've subscribed to) with a message from Al.

It begins, "If you want to solve the Climate Crisis," (which of course I do) "if you want accountability for Iraq, if you want to regain our nation's moral authority in the world, I have one request for you - help us on November 7th."

Gee Al, how can I help? "You can make a difference by supporting candidates who are in neck-and-neck races. Can you contribute $25?" Then it keeps going on about how you can help make a difference and keep people in office accountable by sending in some cold hard cash.

Well, when I think of greening the world, this isn't really what I have in mind. I know that money, and lots of it, considerably helps on the campaign trail, but this is just another impersonal e-mail I'm not impressed by. (I'm also not impressed by junk snail-mail asking for money...)

However, if you would like to contribute to Al's cause through MoveOn, you can click here. Or, you can go out and get your 2-cents in the old fashioned way - vote.


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