It's the Environment, Stupid.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Environment & the Florida gov'ner race

Who would have thought that the words Florida, Governor and Environment would make it in the same sentence? It made a headline in the metro section in the Tampa Tribune online today.

Current Gov Jeb Bush is going to have some green competition in the next election - even from some republican candidates going into the primaries.

"Two of the candidates, Republican Attorney General Charlie Crist and Democratic Congressman Jim Davis, have impeccable green credentials, environmental groups say. Republican Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher and Democratic state Sen. Rod Smith get mixed reviews, but some environmentalists think either would be better than Gov. Jeb Bush... Environmental issues normally get short shrift in gubernatorial elections. But in a primary contest with turnout expected to be low, tens of thousands of environmental activists could affect the outcome."

If Florida has enough pull to affect the presidental elections, wouldn't it be great if that same influence could wield some green power akin to California? This should be a good race to keep an eye on.


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