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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Al Gore - at a stadium near you

A friend forwarded me info today from the movie section of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Al Gore coming to Key Arena.

Key Arena is home to the Seattle SuperSonics, and a some time concert venue, but Al Gore? For $25, $35 and $45 plus a Ticketmaster service charge?

I paid $10 to see the Al Gore movie, got my dose of climate change graphs and facts - I don't know if I'd shell out the extra twenty or thirty bucks to hear it again in person (although it might be worth it if I thought they might actually toss him a question or two from me to answer...)

But I am glad that he's spreading the word and offering 7,264 lucky Seattlites the chance to check it out.

For some down under commentary on the Al Gore movie check out Aussie David Jeffrey's comments on Oikos (whose blog I attempted to comment on yesterday, but couldn't because of Blogger's change over to this google-blog-beta thing that is having a bit of a buggy transition...)


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