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Monday, August 07, 2006

BP shuts down US oil field

Looks like energy infrastructure can be vulnerable. Electricity grids causing blackouts, nuclear facilities being shut down, now it's oil in Alaska as BP has shut down oil fields in Prudhoe Bay to check out some corrosive pipes.

The shut down has caused price spikes and concern among those following the oil markets. Although I don't know that it should be a source of embarrassment for BP, as the NY Times calls it, but rather a smart move considering they're doing a little preventive action (even if it is a little on the late side) to take care of a problem. Sure it'll be inconvenient for a bit, but it might be better than having a few pipelines burst due to lack of proper maintenance.

Via The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and The New York Times (and there's a bunch of other places that caught on to this story, just google it.)


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