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Friday, June 09, 2006

still no internet

This post is slightly off topic - but a gigantic reason for my infrequent blogging as of late....

I waited around on a glorious friday during the 4 hour window 8a-12p for the cable guy. 11:45 rolled around, and still no cable guy. After lots of phone calls to Time Warner, and calls to my roommate, I was assured the cable guy was on his way. Another hour passed. Still no cable guy. More phone calls. And finally someone shows up (6 hours of waiting later). The cable guy does his thing, got the modem hooked up and told me I had to call Time Warner in a few hours to set it up because there was some sort of modem queue. Okay fine. So a few hours and a load of laundry later, I call again - it turns out they need to schedule another 4 hour window to send someone back to my apt to check out the connection because something isn't working.

After all that waiting around (which gave me plenty of time to unpack and clean the apartment twice) I still don't have internet at home. Luckily I've caught a window of wireless availability which is magically allowing me to do more than just IM.

So I'll use this opportunity to let you know that I successfully put my bed together (the disassembled bed from IKEA I found on Craigslist that did not come with instructions) with a swiss army knife screw driver (guess I haven't needed a screwdriver so far in NY).

And on a trip to Target with my roommate I found these great sheet sets on sale made of BAMBOO. However, since they were on clearance the only size left was King. It did make me wonder if they were discontinuing the bamboo sheets, or if the things went so fast that they couldn't keep them in stock and wanted to get rid of the extra King sizes to make room for more. I searched the rest of the bedding aisles for more bamboo but all I found was some jersey knit, and 100% (non-organic) cotton.

I had better hit 'publish post' now before my internet window disappears....


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