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Thursday, June 01, 2006


Gotta love moving - especially when you're stupid enough to do it by yourself and live in a 4th floor walk up. Which is my excuse for not blogging the past few days - the move was this morning, but I had to disconnect my internet earlier this week. I think I'm going through withdrawl.

Lessons learned from this move - all my worldly possessions (in NYC anyway) fit into a subaru outback. I generated about three bags full of garbage/recycleables (all put in the appropriate places.) I'm extremely out of shape.

I also have very little furniture. Well, none actually. My previous NYC apartments have all come furnished - but I've moved into a lovely two bedroom with a friend of mine and will need to get a few things. This is where someone else's trash becomes my treasure.

The Park Slope stoop sale is a great thing. Last weekend I picked up a table at a stoop sale for $5 (well, $15 - it started raining, and all my friends were awol so I called a car to cart it down the street for $10) - I will use it for my desk. Found a bookshelf for $2 at another stoop sale. Stay tuned as I continue to furnish my bedroom with reused goods. And I'll cross my fingers that someone living in my new apt building hasn't secured their wireless...


  • Stoop sales are great... and we found a great couch on CraigsList, too.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16:38  

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