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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Google green tips

I was checking google maps to review my route up to Vancouver, and in the upper right corner was a little helpful google tip, "Green Tips for Summer Trips."

A quick click through was a little disappointing. It looks like a well intentioned sponsor opportunity gone awry. There's a few "green travel tips" that include "Search for 'environmentally friendly hotel' instead of just 'hotel,'" or "Search for 'bike rentals' or 'kayak rentals' in the city you're visiting to discover healthy outdoor vacation activities." Then there's maps and video tours of Vegas, LA, NY, Orlando and San Francisco - a google map with select locations with a video promo about the featured businesses.

Click on the link to "Share your green experiences" comes up with a few comments (6 comments, the most recent from June 11). There's a couple of helpful add-this-to-your-listings tips, in addtion to a what-kind-of-green-advice-is-this? comment.

I suppose this has some potential to become a viable forum for green travel tip sharing, but so far it is lacking in much substance for those looking to green up their summer.


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