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Friday, June 02, 2006

Are we still debating the science?

On my walk to the subway this morning I passed a woman and her high school age son. I slowed up in front of them when I overheard their conversation - they were discussing climate change. He was talking about how an increase in just a couple of degrees in the earth's temperature is a big deal. The mom countered with some quip about the government not believing it. The son remarked, "The federal government thinks a lot of things, it doesn't mean they're smart."

Later I see this ENN news headline: Scientists Say Warming Threatening Florida. Florida Gov Bush is apparently listening to experts and talking policy, kind of. The reported talks revolved around whether or not the ocean is actually warming, and whether or not tropical waters are warming, and whether or not this causes more hurricanes.

"There isn't scientific consensus that global temperature increases explain increased hurricane intensity, and there are some researchers who say there isn't a continuing long-term pattern of global warming at all."

Are we still having this conversation?! Someone should tell Jeb, "You're going to have more hurricanes, so do something about it to protect your state's interest. If nothing else you should do something in the interest of the sugar barons and other industries in your pocket."

The federal government can get as many scientists as they can on their side to help justify inaction, but that's not going to stop the hurricanes.


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