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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

NY Times Special Section

I usually read The New York Times online, but once in a while I'll pick up the print edition to read while sipping some joe at a nearby coffee house. I never know what 'special section' I'll get because I can't ever remember what days which special section comes out (like Science Times, or Dining Out), but today there was an added bonus with a special, special section "The Business of Green" (I threw in the extra special because I doubt this will be a regular weekly section).

The special section is huge, with articles on all sorts of 'green' things highlighting the business/economic perspective - everything from renewable energy to architecture (and beyond). I think it's great that the NY Times (read: mainstream media outlet) has devoted a whole section for one day to green business topics, however it is just one section for one day.

It's the same problem I have with how environmental issues are dealt with by international development and donor agencies - as something separate from the rest of the world's problems. Until 'environmental' issues are seen as an integral component of the way things work in the global economy and our societies, things are not going to change.

I do applaud the NY Times for their special section, because it is another step closer to all things green filtering into the mainstream consciousness, but it still sends the message, 'there's green, and then there's everything else.'


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