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Thursday, May 18, 2006

NY Times Editorial - Water Hazard

An editorial in today’s New York Times entitled “Water Hazard” throws some criticisms around about the Army Corp of Engineers, and Congress (who funds the Corp). The criticisms stem from the recent flooding in New England, a reminder, they note, of the Katrina/New Orleans debacle.

The editorial highlights a measure (which they support) sponsored by Senators Russ Feingold and John McCain, intended to bring more accountability to the corps; then goes on to advocate for federal flood insurance.

Final comments of the piece: “Nature’s storms seem to be getting fiercer as people are moving closer to harm’s way, whether that’s along the coast or behind flood walls. Hurricane Katrina made the risks abundantly clear, but our nation has yet to show it’s learned the lesson.”

The United States has not learned its lesson(s) – the government nor the public. Re-building the city, then constructing higher levees will not make New Orleans safer (a false sense of security is not what I consider safe). Besides, building anything in a floodplain is just not smart, neither is building a city/country below sea level – unless you’re prepared to accept the risks, and/or have a comprehensive water management plan (ie. The Netherlands.)


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