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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Green Blogosphere lens

I'm short on time today, so I thought I'd give a little shout-out to the The Green Blogosphere lens created by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg of Sustainablog (and also now a contributor to Tree Hugger).

The lens is an ever growing, central hub (if you will) for green blogs. One of the first things on the lens is Jeff's picks for 'Cool Green Blog Post of the Day' where he highlights a well deserving green blog (I've been introduced to some very cool green blogs this way). So, I scroll down to see who is cool this week before I grab the link to the lens, and I see that I was cool on Sunday!

Anyway - check out The Green Blogosphere, rate it, share it with your pals and visit often, because the more visits the higher it gets ranked (and I'm not sure what happens after that, but it's all good I'm sure).


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