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Friday, May 26, 2006

Carbon is our friend

If you haven't watched the ads put out by the Competitive Enterprise Institute - you should. Do it now. It took me a good week or so to finally click on the ads and watch them. I read about them on lots o blogs, but didn't get around to seeing them for myself until just the other day.

They are entertaining, captivating, and downright scary - they're essentially negative campaign ads, geared to convince the public that the candidate (in this case, global warming/climate change and all those who believe in it) is a sham.

Of course I suppose I am a bit bias, since I'm one of those global warming/climate change believers. These ads will fuel the fire of the few remaining skeptics out there and perhaps gain a few fence-sitters, who will join the ranks in cult-like fashion (I'm envisioning here much the same kind of followers as those of far-right AM radio hosts.)

I'd like to think these ads won't undo the progression of acceptance that the climate change science has been receiving. But I'd also like to think negative campaign attack ads don't work... in any case, the ads will at least foster debate and maybe even get a few people to see the Al Gore movie, that will foster even more debate (and so on...)


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