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Friday, May 12, 2006

Beer = Energy

Thursday night marked the last class of my graduate studies career (applause, applause), so to celebrate (or really just to decompress after also finishing the last final paper of my graduate career) I went to watch some baseball (Boston vs. NY and Mets vs. Phillies) and have a beer with a friend.

As I lifted an IPA to toast my success, I noticed the coaster under my glass. There's a wind turbine on it. Upon closer inspection, I see that it is a Brooklyn Brewery coaster - and it is promoting more than just beer. "There's Wind in Our Ales," it says. "On September 1, 2003, Brooklyn Brewery became the first New York City company to switch to 100% wind-generated electricity. The company's brewery and corporate headquarters in Brooklyn are 100% powerd by Newwind Energy (insert trademark symbol here), a product of Community Energy Inc. To purchase wind energy for your home or your business, contact Community Energy 1-866-WIND123".

I can't imagine Community Energy is getting many calls from a beer coaster promotion - but you never know. It sure made me want to move that Brooklyn Brewery tour to the top of my things-to-do-now-that-I've-graduated list.


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