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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Al Gore Movie

So I just got back from watching An Inconvenient Truth. It's the movie about climate change everyone is talking about - at least I hope everyone is talking about it, everyone outside of my sphere anyway.

It was basically a movie version of Gore's slide show. Not much more than that. But it is a darn good slide show. Only, I didn't learn anything new. I've seen the graphs with the carbon and temperature levels over time, I've seen the Larsen B ice shelf fall before, ocean currents, greenland ice melt, permafrost thaw, species extinction - I was even in Mumbai for the record rainfall in July 2005 that Gore highlighted in his presentation. But if you haven't seen this stuff before, or haven't yet connected the dots in the big picture, it is eye opening.

I had heard some negative things about the film prior to going in - but overall I thought it was great. My major complaint about it is that I don't know if it's going to get out to the right people. It's kind of like when Michael Moore's Farenheit 9-11 came out, and all of the Bush haters went to see it, and all of the Bush lovers said it was crap but never saw it, and then there were others who went to see it because of the hype. I think this will be somewhat of the same thing.

I think everyone should see the movie - especially those who aren't 'in the know'. And when you go, make sure you stay for the credits (which, among other things, tells you to visit, the film's website that includes some cheezy, dramatic music.)


  • I really liked the movie too. I wrote a little thing about it at

    ps - YOUR BLOG ROCKS!!!

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