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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Rescued e-waste - does this count as doing my part?

I often think that I am leading a hypocritical life. I write and complain and think about the crazy things we as people are doing to the planet - yet what do I really do that's so great? So I rescued this radio on my walk home partially to rescue it from the landfill, partially because I could use a radio.

It was just sitting on the sidewalk, cord wrapped around it, on a cold, dark, lonely night (well, it wasn't that cold - it was rather pleasant actually). I didn't really even think about it - I just saw it and thought, "I could use a radio. I hope it works, because if it doesn't then I'll be the one responsible for disposing of it properly," picked it up, and rushed home to plug it in. Upon doing so I discovered what may have been the reason the owner chucked it on the street - the CD player doesn't seem to function. But it does receive radio frequency just fine, and the digital display on the clock works, although I haven't bothered to figure out how to change the time yet.

I don't know if picking up someone else's unwanted radio qualifies as doing good - but it's one less electronic item in the landfills and that can't be all that bad.


  • yep, it is doing good. We [strike]garbaged picked[/strike] rescued a flower box from our neighbors, and 2 runner rugs from my mother-in-laws. Anything that can be reused instead of purchasing a new item saves valuable resources - especially a radio, which otherwise I'd imagine would come from a smoke belching factory in China, then shipped around the world to you.

    In a way it made us feel good to rescue the items from the landfill as well.

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