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Monday, April 24, 2006

The problem with plastic

The cover story of the Seattle Times Pacific Northwest Magazine on Sunday was "Oceans of Waste" - more specifically with plastic. The story starts off with a picture of colorful plastics atop a dead bird carcass - the plastics being the bird's stomach contents, one piece scientists dated from WWII.

The article takes a look at waste in the oceans and how it gets distributed world wide by maritime flows and currents. It also looks at the effects of this non-digestible waste in marine life.

Plastics - while good for a lot of things, are just too durable and long lasting for others. Plastics manufacturers (and those who make plastic goods) need to rethink the life-cycle of their material. Packaging (a short term use as opposed to a car bumper for instance) should be made of bio-plastics - like Earthshell in Missouri. Things used for a short period shouldn't be made to last a lifetime.


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