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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Environmental Action hits the streets

As I'm rushing to my job at school yesterday afternoon I see someone standing outside the entrance to the building. He's wearing a blue windbreaker, holding a clipboard, and happily calling out to people passing by - great, an activist. I usually stop and listen to what they have to say - saving children or protecting animals mostly - and always feel bad when I don't give them money. Since I was running late I decided I would just walk on by this one.

"Help stop climate change?" Crap. I can't just turn my back on that one. So I stopped to see what organization he was from. Once I noticed the Environmental Action logo on his jacket I started chatting, telling him about how I get the alerts via e-mail and usually blog about them. Then (even though it was obvious I was already on his side) he gave me the Environmental Action pitch and talked about increasing the fuel efficiency of our vehicles, and then asked me for a contribution.

Couldn't get out of that one too easily - so Andrew Rose held my coffee while I made a small contribution to Environmental Action. Then I thanked him for being out on the streets spreading the word, and continued on to work.


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