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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The realization of climate change

As I was making the blog rounds yesterday I kept coming across postings about the new Ad Council/Environmental Defense campaign on global warming. It was all I could do to not jump out of my chair and shout "FINALLY!"

The message: go to while there's still time!

The tv ads are pretty good. They convey a sense of urgency AND the need to protect the 'future generations' all without the use of polar bears or melting ice shelves. They really made me want to go to while there's still time!

So what happens when you go to You can read about the dangers of global warming - disease, extreme weather, economic effects. You can learn some of the basic science behind the phenomena, including some truths about popular climate change myths. Plus, a trim little earth characature demonstrates what YOU can do.

This ad campaign, along with Sunday's coverage from ABC news (George Stephanopolous with Montana Gov Brian Schweitzer in Glacier National Park discussing the topic) and this week's cover story on Time magazine (both blogged about frequently yesterday as well) is a GIGANTIC step for mankind. (Oh and I almost forgot last week's 60 minutes segment with Dr. James Hansen).

This is mainstream press in the United States of America - pretty much the only country holding out on the Kyoto Protocol (for whatever good that'll do at this point), and pretty much one of the few governments that continues to chant with their eyes closed, and hands over their ears, "There is no such thing as climate change, there is no such thing as climate change."

IF the American public can emerge from this commonplace denial and begin to put pressure on the administration and certain industries who will remain nameless (although it's not hard to pick them out of the crowd - they're doing the same chant as the White House) THEN we might start to see some real action where global warming is concerned.


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