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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mission accomplished

It was more of a 25 min walk from where I live than my previously guestimated 15-20, but what's an extra five minutes really? When I arrived, there was a small note on the door, "back at 12:35" - only about 7 minutes away by my watch, which I used as a perfect excuse to grab a much needed cup of coffee at Ozzies across the street.

After coffee I headed back to 3r living. I had read Mark's 3r blog earlier, which noted that he and his wife Samantha would be out this weekend, but assured readers that the store would be open and staffed - today Laurence was watching the shop. (When I mentioned this to Laurence, she seemed rather surprised that her likeness was on the internet - but fellow shoppers were amused as she checked it out for herself.)

Before dropping my old mobile into the bin, I took a look around - they carry a TON of cool stuff! Everything from bags, candles, and pencil holders to furniture, cleaning products and dog biscuits - each tagged with its own little story or mission statement.

Although I didn't purchase anything this trip, I did drop off my old cell phone. (I recently upgraded - my new phone takes pictures, as you can see.) 3r Living has a small recycling center where you can drop off crayons, batteries, CDs and cell phones. (Mark's blog posting on a few recycling ground rules.) So there it is, my old cell phone ready to be sent to greener pastures... (a better mental image than say, mobile graveyard.)

If you do live in NYC, you should check out 3r Living. It is definitely worth a trip to Park Slope (plus, there's lots of boutique shops, restaurants and cafes on this end of 5th Ave to warrant an afternoon here) - and if you don't live in the vicinity check out the online store.


  • I think the hub and I are going there this weekend. We have his old cellphone to recycle too.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:14  

  • Thanks for dropping by. im glad that my little joke on Laurence worked. If 20 years of our friendship has taught me anything, she'll get her revenge.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15:59  

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