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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Climate change in the press

To continue with the climate change theme....

Seattle P-I columnist, Joel Connelly, wrote about warming in the West in his column yesterday. Dry forests and barren ski slopes are just a couple of indicators he refers to - but the thing is he's not plugged by the P-I as an environmental reporter. He's covered issues pertaining to the environment in his reporting days, but right now he mainly sticks to commentary on NW issues. (climate change being one of them).

P-I reporters Lisa Stiffler and Robert McClure, on the other hand, strictly cover the environment. Yesterday Stiffler posted a blog (the P-I has a great blog section, the environment one is Dateline Earth) "Are Americans finally getting hot under the collar over climate change?" about a new poll indicating Americans are wising up to the realities of climate change and don't think the current administration is doing enough about it.

This is just from one newspaper (online - as the blog is not in print) in a fairly eco-aware city - what's the climate change coverage/discussion in your area?


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