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Friday, March 17, 2006

Climate change in the press part 2

Well, really it's climate change in the Seattle P-I again - combined with the 'what can you do' question. P-I environment reporter, Lisa Stiffler reports that "[Seattle] Mayor Greg Nickels -- who rallied city leaders nationwide when he launched his fight against global warming more than a year ago -- will unveil next week his plan for curbing Seattle's greenhouse gas emissions." The article details a few programs and policies on city and state levels that address climate change, such as a tax credit for hybrids, and a state requirement for 2% of fuels to be bio. Stiffler also features business and transportation efforts, and a 60 yr old substitute teacher who heats her home on biodiesel.

What's great about this article is that I didn't even search for it! It was just sitting there at the top of the Seattle P-I home page waiting to be clicked on. (confession: the main reason I check the P-I daily is not so much for the news from home, but for baseball updates - the P-I has great Mariner coverage. The decent coverage of environmental isses and David Horsey cartoons are a bonus.) If it were the NYTimes that had climate change sitting on the top, I'd probably blog about that too - but they don't, at least not today anyway.


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