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Friday, February 24, 2006

Schweitzer on energy self-reliance

Montana Governor, Brian Schweitzer, is truly inspiring. He spoke yesterday about the future of energy in the U.S. at an Earth Insitutue sponsored event at Columbia University. His message: energy self-reliance.

Schweitzer is looking to help with a combination of things such as bio-fuels, wind and coal. Yes, coal - only not the way we've done coal in the past. He has big ideas for pushing FT technology and coal gasefication to utilize all the coal that Montana is sitting on - 35% of coal in the U.S. is in Montana just below the surface. As for wind power, Schweitzer proposes spending $1 billion on it in the next few years. And he wants to convert a portion of U.S. export-crops to biodiesel, and even though the Deputy Secretary of Agriculture wasn't sold on the idea, Schweitzer seems determined to find a way to do it.

"We cannont expect Washington, D.C. to lead," he said, adding that leadership will come from the states. One thing is for sure - leadership is definitely coming from Montana and Schweitzer is at the helm.


  • There's a better way than coal to diesel, and Governor Schweitzer leaves out a lot. For the full story, go to

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15:12  

  • Love your page.

    There is always two sides to the story though. Don't trust a politician too quickly because s/he always has something to protect - there job.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03:04  

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